Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Protecting children from abuse is a responsibility of all those who come into contact with them.

Stockport Sword Club (the club) is fully committed to safeguarding the well-being of its members. Every individual in the club should, at all times, show respect and understanding for the rights, safety and welfare of others, and conduct themselves in a way that reflects the club’s Code of Conduct and British Fencing’s Pledge of Honour.

Stockport Sword Club is committed to practices which protect children from harm. This policy will help staff, officials, coaches, volunteers, members, parents, children and young people involved in fencing to understand and follow correct and respectful practice.

1. Policy Statement

The club is committed to ensuring that the safety, welfare and well-being of children are maintained at all times during their participation in activities run by the club.

1.2 The club aims to promote a safe environment for all children and to assist all staff, officials, coaches, members and volunteers to recognise child abuse and neglect and follow the appropriate notification procedures when reporting alleged abuse.

1.3 The club aims to protect all those involved in the game from verbal or physical abuse and other forms of threatening or intimidating behaviour such as bullying, and to act where necessary to address any evidence of such behaviour.

1.4 The focus of the policy and guidelines is the prevention of child abuse and poor practice in the sporting environment.

This policy and guidelines will assist the club in establishing co-ordinated strategies for dealing with any problems of child abuse and neglect in a responsible, effective and consistent manner.

2. Objectives

Through the development of this policy the club’s objectives are to:

  • Adopt child protection guidelines through a code of conduct for all staff/volunteer
  • Provide information to assist staff and volunteers in recognising and responding to all forms of child abuse
  • Provide direction to all staff and volunteers regarding their legal responsibilities under child protection legislation
  • Follow correct procedures for recruitment and selection of staff and volunteers

3. Scope of Policy

The Child Protection Policy of the club is applicable to all management and staff (paid, voluntary, permanent or casual), all members of the club and also to all visitors/spectators.

4. Implementation of Legislation

In order to implement the child protection policy the club will undertake to:

  • Promote a safe and supportive environment for all children and young people participating in activities which come under our umbrella
  • Increase awareness and emphasise the importance of child protection issues in a sporting environment to all those involved with the activities of the club. This includes administrators, coaches, officials, fencers, parents and their children.
  • Ensure that all staff/volunteers of the club are aware of their responsibilities arising from this policy.
  • Implement strategies and procedures that focus on the best interests of children and meet the requirements of child protection legislation..

5. Expectations

The club expects that all administrators, coaches and officials whether paid or unpaid, who participate in organised sport under the banner of this club will commit to the above.

6. Policy Review

This policy and accompanying procedures/guidelines will be reviewed and updated in line with any legislative changes that have significant impact on the manner in which child protection and intervention issues are to be dealt with.

7. Child Protection Practices

The club is committed to creating and maintaining the safest possible environment for children and young people to practice fencing.

We do this by:

  • Recognising that all children have the right to freedom from abuse.
  • Ensuring that all our staff and volunteers are carefully selected and accept responsibility for helping to prevent the abuse of children in their care.
  • All staff and volunteers working at Stockport Sword Club are subject to a Barring & Disclosure/Criminal Records Bureau check through British Fencing before working with children. All coaches and club officials are also required to attend regular Safeguarding training, updated every three years.
  • All fencers, coaches, club officials, parents and carers are required to follow the club’s Code of Conduct
  • Responding swiftly and appropriately to all suspicions or allegations of abuse, and providing parents and children with the opportunity to voice any concerns they may have
  • Appointing a Welfare Officer who will take specific responsibility for child safety and act as the main point of contact for parents, children and outside agencies.
  • Ensuring access to confidential information is restricted to the Welfare Officer or the appropriate external authorities.
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of our Child Protection Policy and activities.

Our Welfare Officer is: Jackie Redikin who can be contacted via SSCsafeguarding@outlook.com


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